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I <3 heels! That is no secret. Before, i didn't care much for them, but as i grew older my love for heels grew as well, and thanks to them i can be as tall as i would love to be (I'm a shorty lol, 5'3).
Heels are something that we women can't live without, some prefer low ones, others prefer really high ones, but no matter the height they are, thanks to shoes an outfit looks more put together, gives women confidence, makes them feel sexy, and men also love to see their women wearing them once on a while.

Ok, let me just cut to the chase! I decided to do this post about one of my faves shoe-clubs which is Shoedazzle. Thanks to this company, i have been able to not just broaden my not so big shoe collection hehe, but also meet great people through social network. Alrighty, without any further ado, here's my humble SD collection. Hope you will enjoy the view hehe and if you got any questions regarding a certain shoe, feel free to leave a comment and i will reply as soon as i see it. And if you are not a member of shoedazzle yet, here's my invitation link , you receive 20% off on your first purchase + free shipping, and at same time you help me get points for referral =) so it's a win-win philosophy.

Amour in Pink and Turquoise, these are so hot and the pink is 2nd fave!

Ezra Blue and Black, love these! They run a bit weird but i still love them

Tuesday Turquoise and Coral, i might put the turquoise on sell, still thinking about it

Portman, my fave leopard pump!

Chanelle Nude, the rhinestone heel was custom made by me

Ruthie Nude, this one looks like a YSL shoe i've seen

Mel B, this is the shoe that made me make an account on SD  =)

Giulianna is the definition of beauty and elegance
Alicia Red, omg this is one is my fave! Hot, hot, hot!

Arabella looks exactly like a valentino shoe

Bevan looks exactly like another valentino shoe, my 3rd favorite!

Lana, a very classy lace pump

What about you? Which one is your favorite Shoedazzle shoe?

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  1. Que bellezas Kat!!! <3
    Love them!!

  2. Beautiful shoes! I really wish that I had the Mel B :(

    1. =( aww, have u tried getting a similar shoe and custom make the heel with rhinestones? i made a pair and looks way better than mel b =)

  3. I love every pair here! Great choices. :)

    Shoes and Jules

  4. You're making me want to revisit shoedazzle and start ordering. LOL. Love the shoes collection! :)

  5. =) i gotta say they are progressing as a company, i know many people have had issues with them , but you can go check them out =) you wont be dissapointed by their selections lately.