Summer Shorts

I never have been a big fan of the orange color, don't get me wrong it's a beautiful color, I just think it's not as practical. I tend to gravitate more towards the peaches and corals and this is why I picked up this bright, fun pair of shorts. Something about the pattern and the color combination screamed Summer at me and they are amazingly comfy plus they were a steal!


Scarf Pattern Dress

Been absent for the blogging world due to being under the weather. I really missed updating my page and despite not feeling 100% I wanted to show yesterday's look. I found this really cute dress on sale and I just couldn't pass up the good price and not to mention those pink hues that I love so much. It came in a few other colors and it's such a comfy dress for Summer that you can easily dress up or down. I totally suggest checking Express right now because the have super duper cute dresses for those of you looking to stay stylish while taming that intense Summer heat.


Black N White Stripes

It had been a century since I update the blog. My apologies! I have been in the process of relocating and also dealing with some health issues unfortunately, but today I felt good to at least get a few pictures taken. Today's look was nothing fancy, just a comfy maxi dress you've seen on the blog before but I added a few accessories to make it appropriate. I hope you are enjoying your weekend and wishing you all a happy 4th July! 


Chambray + Slip-ons

It had been a while since I wear my denim shirt and today was the perfect day to sport it. I have to admit later on in the day, it got pretty steamy and the shirt is a bit thicker than I would prefer but it's the shade of blue I like. Still in the search for a more lightweight one in the right blue, but this one will do for now. It was a no heel kind of day so, I went for these kitty slip-ons which added the right amount of cute to my outfit ^_^ I just love kitties.



For this look, I was heavily influenced in 80s colors. I'm starting to think I was born in the wrong time period because I have always been fond of everything that was going on in fashion around that time.Those flashy colors, wild hair and dynamic accessories always give me life!