Blue Crush

Whether it's baby blue, powder blue, periwinkle, or aquamarine; I am loving this hue for Winter-Spring 2015. It's a very soothing color that adds a certain innocence to any outfit.


My Top 5 Skin Products

No OOTD today! Instead, I wanted to share my top 5 skin products I use and can't live without. I have sensitive skin and I also suffer from mild acne that without proper care turns into hyperpigmentation which forces me to really take care more of my skin. People think that the best in skin care has to be expensive but to me is all about what works for your skin. I have tried really expensive products and treatments with little to no results and these are by far some of the ones that actually work without breaking the bank. 


Jeans & Boots

There's no better formula than jeans and boots this season. I'm not that much into boots, I have maybe like 4 pairs but these ones are by far one of my favorite ones. I was afraid they wouldn't go with a lot because of the color but they have proven me wrong.


Baby Blue

I got the blues today and it's not necessarily a bad thing. I have been into pastels lately and I just couldn't leave baby blue behind. Whenever I see or think of this color, it always reminds me of those frosty Winter days.


The Persuit Of The Perfect Dress

A few days ago, I got together with some friends for sushi and in the topic of conversation, the word wedding came up, which reminded me I needed to share with you this new find I stumbled across.

There comes a time when we all need that perfect dress for a specific occasion. We get frustrated at certain point because we hit the mall and we don't find the color, size, or style we want and that automatically puts us off from even wanting to attend the event (I speak from experience).