My Fall Essentials 2014

Fall is just around the corner and if you're like me who shops ahead the season, here's a little list to my fave transitional pieces. 


Black & Blue

Blazer: Forever 21 (Similar) | Top: Charlotte Russe (Similar) | Skirt: Forever 21 | Shoes: Justfab Allura
Happy first day of September! I hope you all had an amazing labor day weekend. To start off the month, I wanted to wear something old with something new. This awesome floral blazer has been in my closet for the longest time! I paired it with my new fave top which goes great with jeans, shorts, and basically everything because the cut is really flattering. 




Cargo Jacket: Justfab | Top: Charlotte Russe (Similar) | Shorts: Zara | Shoes: Justfab Bellisima | Bag: Justfab Globetrotter 

Dominican Republic is the place where you get to experience an eternal summer. There's no winter and barely any fall weather. Despite of this, we do experience cooler temperatures from time to time and I couldn't help but do a little layering for the day. Today, I wanted to focus on my cargo jacket which is the "it" piece this season. It's neutrality and versatility makes it a must have piece for any wardrobe. 




Coral Floral

Top: Zara (Similar) | Jeans: Justfab Signature Skinny Solid | Sneakers: Justfab Petunia | Bag: Justfab Petite Hudson (Sold out)

I used to be the kind of girl who went through a "Tomboy" phase when I was younger. I loved wearing tennis shoes for some weird reason, and little by little I started to discover the magic of high heels. I think that would have to be the reason why I started collecting them. Despite my love for high heels, there's still room for flats and sneakers for those practical days.



The Flares

Top: Forever 21 (Similar) | Pants: Justfab "The Favorite Flare" | Necklace: Justfab "Fringe Fresh" | Shoes: Zara

I rarely wear white pants or jeans, maybe because I'm always so afraid of spilling something on them. Despite of this, I had been craving a pair of wide legged pants in white for a while. Originally, I wanted a high-waisted cut but found these on Justfab and the price was just right. They are comfy and the length is exactly what I was looking for.