Black And White Floral

Neutrals with a pop of color is always a good idea for those times you just don't want to be as risky. 


Orange Punch

Today, I felt like doing some color-blocking but keep it casual at the same time. I rarely wear orange but I had had in my closet this beautiful dress my friend gifted me. It was a bit big for me but I can finally fit in it ^_^ and I just loved how amazing it went with these fun accessories. 


6 Summer Clutches You Need

1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6.

I smell Summer already and to get in the mood for those steamy days, I compiled a list of my favorite clutches of the moment. Summer will be filled with color, patterns, and textures so, this is the time to sport bold pieces to make your outfit pop! I personally love love #1 such a steal and it goes with so many things, you will definitely be seeing a lot of that clutch on my posts throughout the season.



Multicolor Bling

Today's look was all about the statement skirt. I bought this beauty last year and the more I wear it, the more I realize how versatile it is despite of all the sequins. An outfit can be totally balanced by adding some basics elements to a more dressy piece, creating a great harmony and wearable look.


A Pop Of Magenta

It's crazy how we go from 100 to 70 degrees in a matter of days. It had been a while since I wear some fur so, decided to throw that on with a little pop of magenta to make it more suitable for the season. As you know, I have been purging my closet and now it's like I can see things I own more clearly. I still have a few more things left, so if you wear size 6.5 shoes and are an XS, head over my closet on Mercari to take advantage of the sales I got going on. If you don't use that, send an email to katiuskatnv@live.com and we can negotiate it through Paypal.