Today I went for a softer look incorporating a few of my fave Spring trends; pastels and floral print. I noticed how I've been getting pieces in light blue lately and I realize I'm finally breaking off from my typical colors which is a good thing. I will always be a pink lover but once in a while you gotta break the monotony, don't you agree?


Striped Maxi Dress

Stripes are one of those classic patterns that will never die. Vertical or horizontal, they just work so well with almost everything! I normally shy away from maxi pieces because I am a bit short and I love showing my legs but once I saw this dress, I knew I had to have it. I like the fact I can still show
a little leg.


Anorak + Floral Print

I have been having these neutral moments lately. As much as I love dressing colorfully, there's just something timeless about neutrals. They make you look put together plus you can always add a little fun element such as these floral print shoes I recently bought. They are seriously one of the most amazing shoes I own. 


December-February Shoe Haul

Gee! It's been forever since I upload a shoe haul. Lately, I have been uploading any new shoe I get on my Instagram but since it's a tradition, today I wanted to share here my latest acquisitions. 


In Nude

I didn't have time today for proper blog pictures, but I still wanted to share what I wore to my date night with my lover. I opted for some neutral shades and added a little pop of color with my purse. I really loved this look <3 I hope you all had a wonderful V'day and enjoyed with your loved ones!