Camel Skirt

Circle skirts are my favorite type of skirts specially the ones with the zippers and buttons in the front. They are totally an epitome of the 90s. Do you remember spying them on the movie Clueless? I remember the first time I saw this movie, I thought that the styling and the whole concept was brilliant. 


Criss Cross

Fall is finally here! I have been meaning to post this look this past week but I caught a bad cold that put me to rest the whole weekend, nevertheless, I managed to snap a few quick pics for all of you because that's just how I roll. 



Plaid is the epitome of Fall comfort days. At some point in life I wasn't fond of the look, but little by little I started to incorporate a few pieces in my wardrobe and it totally makes sense to me now. I find that the black and white plaid fabric is the most universal one and it goes with basically everything. I bought this plaid dress last year and since it's a button down it gives me the advantages of styling it several ways. As a dress of course, a tunic/ top or a light layering piece. 


Over The Knee

It's been a very long time since I wear a pair of high knee boots and figured today was the ideal day to do it since the weather is slowly cooling down. Even though I will regret saying this when Winter comes, I love a cooler weather and Fall fashion. I feel like the possibilities are so diverse when it comes to dressing up.


Fall Chic

Has it ever happened to you that you get ready and have a great outfit on, but you barely have any time to photograph the look? This applied to this outfit. Either the weather was funky, it got late and dark , lost track on time, or too busy, I re-wore the look and finally did it. I'm obsessed with these booties I recently received. The style name is Ruthie and comes in 4 colors.