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I spotted these beauties while browsing the web a few months back on DSW, but they didn't make an impression on me until I saw them in person...All I can say is WOW. I loved both colors available but I could only get one that day. I had to order them online because it seemed like at the store people tried it on a lot and they felt kind of broken in.

* Me encontré estas bellezas mientras me paseaba por la web en la página de DSW, aunque no causaron una impresión en mi cuando los vi en el monitor, cuando los vi en persona mi reacción fue totalmente diferente... Todo lo que puedo decir es WOW. Me gustaron ambos colores disponibles pero solo podía comprar uno ese dia. Tuve que ordenarlos por internet ya que los que tenian en la tienda se sentian algo usados porque mucha gente parece que se lo probaron.

At the store trying them on
When I moved to the United States DSW was the store where I used to buy all my shoes, my favorite brand at the moment was Guess and I gotta admit they do some cool shoes. I hadn't bought a pair by this brand in a while because I have been emerged in the shoe clubs that I have been neglecting the stores I originally bought from, but thank God I didn't miss on these, and did I mention they were on sale? Yes, they still are, got these for only $50 bucks and that included shipping, had a promo code and used it ^__^ this was a really good buy I have to say.

* Cuando me mudé a los EEUU, DSW fue la tienda en la que siempre compraba mis zapatos, mi marca favorita de ese tiempo era la Guess y tengo que admitir que siempre hacian unos zapatos geniales. No habia comprado un zapato de esta marca en un tiempo, ya que he estado sumergida en el ambiente de los clubes de zapatos del internet y he sido algo negligente con las tiendas en las cuales solía comprar, pero gracias a Dios no me perdí de estos zapatos, les mencioné que estos están en rebaja? Si! éstos sólo me costaron $50 con envio incluido, tenía un código de promoción y lo usé! Fue una buena compra diría yo ^__^

The sizing on Guess shoes is quite different, I think they tend to be irregular because I'm a size 6 on these and I own other pairs by Guess in which I am 6.5 and 7, so, I would say they are true to size for those with normal foot, go half size up if you have wide foot and if you got really narrow go half size down. In conclusion, the shoe is very well made, very comfortable and even though i wasn't a fan of chunky heels, these pair made me realize I should never say never. Get yours here!

*Las medidas de los zapatos de Guess son algo diferente, tienden a correr de manera irregular porque en estos calzo 6 pero en otros pares de zapatos de esta misma marca soy 6.5 y 7, asi que diría que corren justo a la medida  si tienes un pie normal, si tienes el pie ancho, compra la talla y media, y si tienen el pie fino, recomiendo bajar la mitad de tu talla normal. En conclusión, éstos zapatos están bien hechos, son cómodos y aunque antes no era fan de los zapatos con taco ancho, este par me ha hecho darme cuenta de que nunca se debe decir nunca! Consigue los tuyos aquí!

Happy Feet!

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  1. Love love!! I saw this shoes before and never really paid attention close enough to really want them, now i will have to add them to my wish list :)

  2. I'm thinking about getting these shoes but I don't know what to wear them with! I don't usually wear pastels but I love these. Help? :)

    1. did you see my recent post? I wore these with other pastel colors, but you could also wear them with darker clothes =) so that way they stand out. I would wear dark black skinny jeans, white/cream top/blouse, you can wear a nice light pink dress with it with a little blazer or cardigan =)

      I am also gonna wear them in a few weeks with a blushy pink skirt, corset and and transparent high-low cut top with a little belt in the middle.

      =) if you need more suggestions, let me know, i will make some styling boards and post them on my facebook page if you wanna see them =), and yes i totally recommend them, one of my fave shoes, i also got the pink with green and orange!