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Miracle 7 Color Protect Shampoo imparts incredible shine while it helps to strengthen your hair. Rich in antioxidants it gives your hair mositure and balance. Prolongs the life of you hair color and restores vitality to hair. Miracle 7 Color Protect Shampoo protects against harsh environmental elements that can fade hair color.
A week ago, I noticed I ran out of shampoo, and I decided to buy this one that my sister-in-law had talked about. We went over to Sally's and I decided to try the colored-hair version one that comes in the blue bottle, just because a month ago I died my hair into a shade darker ( from normal black to jet black, it adds dimension to my hair) Anyways, before checking out, I noticed there was also a good deal, you buy any Miracle 7 product and you get a free bottle of shine spray which was pretty neat because the bottle is full sized and is worth $13 bucks.

The spray is THE BOMB! Makes super shiny and soft! Get it while you can! it's free!
I didn't buy the conditioner because I still have some deep conditioner left, and I like to use all the product until I purchase something else. This brand has impressed me so far that I will buy the conditioner to see how it all works together.

What are my thoughts? Well, all I can say it's amazing what you can find at Sally's! This product has surpassed my expectations. It does what it says it will do for your hair. It makes my hair super soft, extremely shiny, and it leaves my scalp feeling clean and with a wonderful smell. You don't really need much product either. The bottle has a good amount of product that will last you a while. The packaging is very efficient and I really enjoy when a company takes their time to craft their look to the consumers. I really love how it's also sulfate-free which is really good for your hair.

When using this product, Sally's recommends to wet your hair first with warm water, then apply the product, and then rinse with warm water. I find it to work really well when applied like this.

If you don't color your hair, don't worry! They also have a purple version that it's made out of keratin that also works wonders, I tried it and it gives me amazing results! It works on any hair type too.

This is my hair after being washed, blow-dried, and then applied a little of the shine spray.

I hope you enjoyed my review. You can find Miracle 7 Color Protect Shampoo here.

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  1. Your hair looks amazing! My teen years ruined my hair, it no longer curls, ugh. I've been on the look out for good products to help my hair get back in shape. Thanks for sharing.


    1. Try the keratin one then =) it comes in the purple bottle, you will see a complete difference on your hair!

  2. Thanks Katy, looking forward to trying this. I'll probably go out and look for it next week