Glitz And Glam

by - 8:19 PM

Hey divas! I am finally on a break from college for the holidays. Although I will be studying most of the break they gave me, I will take some time to post my holiday glam looks and casual looks =) 

I couldn't get many pictures taken tonight because I attended an ornament party and we got caught up in the moment. Anyways, I managed to take a few shots of the outfit before heading out, and if you follow me on instagram, I think I got some candids over there as well. 

Outfit Details:
Dress/Blazer: Charlotte Russe
Necklace: Belladazzle
Clutch: Send The Trend
Heels: Love Culture

I wanted something more revealing for the evening, so, I chose this sequin dress I had stashed in my closet and added some pink for my signature look and a cream ruffled blazer. I am obsessed with this dress! I think the holidays is the perfect time to get away with wearing lots of sequins! So, if you have a pair of jeans/dress/top full of sparkle now its the time to pull them out with no fear! =)

After we came home this is what Blackita decided to do with his spare time ^____^ and this is why we don't like putting a tree up for Christmas lol

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  1. As always, you looked adorable. Happy Holidays Kat! <3

  2. One of my favorite outfits one u glamorous! Wshing a Merry Christmas :)

  3. @jules729:disqus thank you very much dear! miss you around =) merry Christmas!

  4. you look great! your dimples are so cute. love the dress!