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by - 2:24 AM

It's that time of the year again! Spring cleaning! This year my mission is to sell everything I haven't worn in a while or something I bought that hasn't been used. I'm selling my items on Mercari which is a selling app. The good thing about this fantastic app is that I can sell without being overcharged with commission fees and all that mumble jumble. If you haven't joined you can use this code: VFVXKU to get a $2 dollar credit towards your first purchase. You get your items in 2-3 days and once you receive you leave me a rating to complete the transaction. It's that easy! You can pay combining your credit, paypal, or credit card, so you got some options there. 

I have shoes size 6,6.5, and 7, handbags, clutches, and some clothes. I will be adding more little by little because I have lots to get rid off by the end of this month. I will see you over there! Help me find all my items a new home! You can find all of my items here


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