Survival of the Fittest

by - 12:41 AM

Coming from the Caribbean to a country where during Winter you can experience extreme cold temperatures can be challenging. After living in the states for more than a decade now, I have sort of adapted, I say sort of because you never fully adapt. 

The evolution of my style for colder climate has been a journey really. I'm one of those people that checks the weather before going out because I fear it will be too cold or there could be unexpected inclement weather and that's something to look into when selecting your outfit of the day.

To this day, I still don't know how women wear certain outfits in a weather that's not appropriate to the look. Hey, what do I know? None of my business but one can't help but wonder. 

Same applies in my country where I'm seeing the so called "fashion experts" sporting garments completely inappropriate for the level of humidity and heat. Leather and wool are not suitable for the tropics, period. While I know that in the world of Fashion Blogging, people want to rock any look just to be trendy, at the same time they're showing their readership/viewership they have unrealistic views on how people should dress. 

The blogger living in hot climates can give ideas to those who are going to possibly be in a hotter climate, while those who live in the cold can share how they stay warm while staying stylish. 
Dress for the weather, not for attention.


Coat: Zara | Turtleneck Sweater: A New Day for Target | Boots: Uggs | Earrings: Express | Sunglasses: Louis Vuitton


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