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 Today when i was minding my own business, all of a sudden my husband tells me: "it seems like you got a package from Bakers" and after he said that i literally jumped in the air  hahaha because i knew exactly what has just arrived to my door.

Some weeks back, i entered this contest held by Bakers and i didn't expect to win because i had entered before and no luck, seems like this time they appreciated more what i was wearing, and i gotta say i looked pretty damn good haha.

The look

Nevertheless, i won! which was surprisingly good and they told me i could pick a pair of shoes from their website, however, i could only pick from their brand, so that totally crushed the one dream i had to own a pair in fuchsia by H by Halston that i had seen there which i'm getting next month by the way!

aww how sweet =)

So, i selected the pair called Showstoppers, and the name says it all...OMG! when i opened the box i was astonished by the mesmerizing beauty of this shoe and believe me, i got some cute ones hehe. I love everything about it, the craftsmanship is superb, rhinestones are so beautiful and they sparkle more than pics could ever show, seriously the pics on the website do absolutely no justice, and i don't even think mine truly even show their beauty either.

The shoe is almost like a ballet pink with gold-blush undertones, covered in multifaceted rhinestones that reflect every color you can imagine. They are of a satin material, and they fit true to size for me, although i think if you have wider foot you should go half size up. D'orsay style isn't one of my faves but i decided to take a chance and see how these looked in person, and i must say i'm not disappointed. 

In conclusion, Showstoppers have exceeded my expectations and i would like to publicly thank Bakers for allowing me to enjoy this magnificent piece of shoe art ^____^

My Happy Feet ^_____^

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    1. =) thanks, yeah i gotta say these are worth it and i forgot to mention they are now on sale! I can only imagine the other colors how beautiful they are in person.

  2. Cute shoes, congrats doll

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