Justfab Shoe Collection

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 It all started when i was looking for the perfect hot pink pumps... While i was doing a Google search a Facebook page called Justfab appeared, i clicked on it, and browsed through the Facebook photos and there it was...The most perfect hot pink shoe i had ever laid my eyes on...It was Aurora, after i saw this shoe and a few others, i decided to be member of this shoe club that ever since has made my shoe collection expand drastically. Don't get me wrong, i do not buy every single pair i see; i have a very peculiar taste and every now and then i find shoes and purses there that for the price paid, they exceed my expectations.

Well, without any further ado, here it's my humble Justfab shoe collection, hope you enjoy the pics!

Makeeda Red

Makeeda Blush
Makeeda Black
Love Bites
Society Suicide

Shelby Taupe
Shelby White
Lilith Red
Aurora Pink
Aurora Tan
Pam Pink
Maggie Blush
Giovanna Pink

PS: Darn it! I forgot to include one of my new favorites in the group picture which is Adoria but since i already did a review of it, it's fine. Make sure to check my Shop My Closet section where i post shoes and other stuff i want to sell and don't forget to add me on Facebook. Thanks for reading!

My happy feet ^_______________^

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  1. lolashoelove3/30/2012 5:18 AM

    Lovely Collection!! Would you happen to know how the heel height on Lillith compares to Bevan from SD?
    -Thanks, Jessica.


  2. Amazing post Kat! I LOVE the photos! great job! ♥

  3. hmmm i believe bevan a slightly lower than lilith but i can take a pic later for you for comparison purposes.

  4. Thanks Chanda =) i think ill re-do some for my shoedazzle ones since i couldnt take the pics with them on my feet.