Justfab Adoria

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I know y'all probably have read about this shoe, but i felt that i had to do my own review about this long-waited shoe. Adoria from Justfab is one of those shoes YOU MUST add to your shoe collection. When my new March boutique from JF was posted, that was the one shoe that caught my attention but since i couldn't afford them at the time i had to skip (College just started and books aren't cheap, if you know what i mean).

Long story short, one of my sole sisters and i made a trade and thanks to her i now own them (Katy does the dance!) haha! As soon as i tried them on, i felt like a princess even though i was in my pijamas and having a bad hair day. It's amazing how a pair of shoes can change someone state of mind.

Adoria is like the perfect night Barbie shoe, it has a soft, almost pastel pink color and it's covered in dark pink sequins. The shoe might be true to size for a person with wide feet but for people with narrow feet is going to be at least 1/4 big i would say, not huge but you will probably need a heel grip, and i wouldn't recommend going down, otherwise it will be a bit tight.

I rate Adoria 9/10 only because of the size aspect, other than that, this shoe is perfection. If you are not member of Justfab, please use my invitation link, you will receive 20% off on your first purchase, and you will help me get referral points, so it's a win-win philosophy =)

My Happy Feet =)

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