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Oh boy! I really need to catch up posting my latest looks on here. I feel like Instagram has become my main platform to share as it's straight to the point. However, I would like to stay true to my vision of having an external site.  

Not a lot of millennials aren't into the whole "having a blog" as a stand alone website, many are opting to be "Insta-bloggers" which is cool but taking into consideration how apps are showing content to the public with these so called algorithms, there's a possibility Instagram along with other platforms won't be as hip in the future. 

Many people are already expressing resent about this. If you aren't familiar with what has been going on in the Instagram world, basically people's contents are not visible to everyone. You have to have a certain level of engagement and at the same time Instagram is forcing their users to pay to advertise with them in hopes this will give them more exposure. 

Which brings me to the conclusion that having your own personal site is great in case things go wrong specially with people going over the top buying followers, comments and likes. It's all about the survival of the fittest and honestly Instagram is supposed to be fun not a second job.

I understand, the point of creating a popular and successful platform is to eventually turn it into a monopoly, but right now it feels like television to me. They only want to show you what they want you to see not what you rather see.


Jacket: Target | Sweater: Express | Jeans: Zara (Similar) | Boots: Louis Vuitton Star Trail


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