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Katy Perry Wearing Giuseppe Zanotti Bow Strap Sandal

So, the other day i was talking about this Giuseppe Zanotti shoe and how i saw a dupe on Bakers By the Luichiny brand for $90 and ever since, i have been obsessed with getting it. Sadly, i got more important things to spend my money on, so they have been on my wishlist.

It seems like God listened to me and put in my path these amazing pair i just found on Urbanog by the brand Liliana for only 27.90! I'm in shock at the moment! Even though, the shoe looks like of a satin material, the similarity is amazing!

Giuseppe Zanotti Bow Strap Sandal $895
Luichiny Rest Up $90
Lilianna Paulette-3 Bow Open Toe Sandal $27

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  1. me gustan todos pero los primeros me enamoraron si haces un concuros d ganar unos d esos asta me comprometo a irlos a ver personalmente a tu casa jijijiji

  2. jeje los primeros son la version cara, los que puse de último son la version barata que me acabo de encontrar =) a veces hago este tipo de entradas para que gente que buscan un zapato similar al de su artista o celebridad favorita pueda comprarlos por más barato =)

  3. I like the second ones...I am really not a big fan of Satin shoes...

  4. i agree, thats what held me from buying the lat pair, the satin sometimes just doesnt look good. I will keep looking for a pair that is in suede within that price range though.