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So, while I was walking around Dillards, I think I almost got a heart attack when I saw the shoe I had been looking for! Ever since I saw Christian Louboutin Lady Clou, I have been obsessed with getting it in every color!

The quality and fit are  by far the best I have found in this style that not even the NYLA, Justfab, or even the ones that Charlotte Russe ones compare.They are so exact to the original Louboutins that I feel this is totally a steal! I have seen the original ones in person and I must tell you these pair by Gianni Bini are as good as those! The only difference I see is that the originals have more studs, and the bow and embellishment in the front are slightly different but heck! I love them even better =)

I would say they are true to size, I particularly will get these in 6, even though I am a 6.5 because sometimes slingbacks don't work well on my extra narrow feet, and I really like when they feel tight on the back, I feel I can walk more secure rather than getting them in 6.5 I feel the strap a bit loose and I don't feel confident walking in them.

Sorry about the poor quality of the pics, I didn't bring my camera with me and all I had was a phone

I will be buying these two =)

I hope you enjoy today's post and I hope you guys have a wonderful evening!

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  2. LOVE LOVE LOVE them all!!!!!! On the hunt!

  3. yeah im saving to get these, they are must have's