Not Your Mother's Smooth Moves Frizz Control Hair Cream

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Hey girls and boys! ^__^ it has been a while since I write on here. For those who don't have me added on my Facebook page, my husband recently had an accident and this is the main reason why I have been a little distant from my blog. Anyways, he is getting better and very soon I will be back posting more regularly.

So, today I wanted to review this new product I got a few weeks back. I needed something for blow-drying and straightening, and since I love trying new thing I saw this brand at Walmart and they name caught my eye lol.

You wonder, why do I need a frizz control cream? Well, many of you may not know but my hair is indeed curly, well, its half curly, half wavy due to the fact that I applied some chemicals to make it straight for several years and this has caused my hair to have two textures because the process is still coming out of my hair. I used to love my curls, don't get me wrong but wearing it that way for 18 years made me realize I needed a change, so, that is the reason why I wear it straight these days, and I just love it ^__^

Anyways, my hair gets wild, specially with this extreme humidity in Nebraska, and since I don't use any chemicals anymore I need to find products to defy frizziness and things like that.

Now, going back to the review, hehe, I applied this cream/gel product on my clean damp hair and used a wide tooth comb to distribute the product. Then, I divided my hair into sections and proceeded to blow-dry. I then proceeded to straighten and as soon as I was done, I noticed how my hair was extremely shiny! It looked as if it were professionally straightened.

When you apply this product on damp hair, you will notice after some minutes how your hair will become sort of stiff, but as you blow-dry it , it will slowly become super soft. You can also use this on curly/wavy hair just to define your curls which is cool and it smells awesome! I recommend applying it sparingly for better results.

All in all, this product works really good and I am very happy with the results I was given ^__^
You can purchase this at Walmart.

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  1. What chemicals did you use to relax your curls? I have really curly hair and i want to put something in it so they wont be so tight but im scared it would damage my hair. But your hair looks super healthy.

    1. Right now I dont have any chemicals, and I recommend you not to do it. I had a terrible experience when one time i was getting my regular relaxer, the lady left it a little too long in the back, causing my hair to break =( yes, it took a while for it to come back. I cant remember the specific product she used because I got it relaxed many years ago, so, I'm sorry that I cant provide that info. But if you do have tight curls, I recommend you a Brazilian blowout, its a safer procedure, more expensive though, but you hair will be back to its normal state after several months or more, if you use sulfate free products or a hairline specialized to use with Brazilian blowout treatments. Now, if you dont have the kind of money for that, since you asked for it, i will write a new entry on how I keep my hair straight without the use of any chemicals and it lasts up to a week or so if you follow instructions. So, check back in a few days for my recommendations =) Thanks for writing and I hope my new post will help you out a bit because I understand what it is to want straight hair but without damaging it.

    2. I would really appreciate that. Thank you :)

  2. Brazilian Hair Keratin Treatment is a blow-drying of the hair for the long times. This treatment's effects last for a time of around three months. It is done on the bleached, colored, relaxed, previously straitened, pummel as well as the highlighted hair.