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As promised, this is a little nail polish haul I have acquired throughout these past months. I will try to give a brief description on how the formula is and if the polish is worth buying.

Orly sashay my way: I really liked this one since the moment I saw it. It contains bar and particle holographic glitter.  I got it at Sally's and yesterday I saw that they were on sale! This glitter polish looks best on top of another polish, Orly recommends applying it on top of black, and it does look awesome. I personally applied it on top of another gold color to define the polish even more, but it does stand out more if you apply it on top of a contrasting color. 

Orly be brave: This one is also a holo polish. This looks terrific on top of pinks, blues , and purples. This one is a must have! Available at Sally's.

Sinful Colors fusion neon: This one screamed at me when I was at Walgreens one day. It 's super bright, maybe as bright as Essie Pink Parka, and due to the fact that my pink parka is almost running out, I decided to get a cheap replacement and this one did the job. It applies matte as every neon polish I own. For being matte this one applies really well, and it only requires a few coats. Apply top coat if you want a glossier effect.

Sinful Colors neon melon: Haha now wouldn't it be wise to have named this one neon yellow? Anyways, I have been in the search to replace my China Glaze celtic sun because it was drying out, so, I picked this one up and I am very pleased with the results. It has the same consistency as fusion neon and it is the brightest yellow neon polish I have purchased. Although I do wanna try this other one by Orly, for now, this one was in the budget and gets the job done. I used this one in my last nail of the day post. I recommend it!

Sinful Colors let's meet: I was in the search of a mustard yellow polish since I don't own one, and since mustard is really in this fall, and this is the closest thing I have found to what I wanted. It's not mustard, but oh well, I am still in the search for the perfect one. I love it because it applies very nice, and it has like gold particles in it.
Milani 3d: This one is a beautiful gold holo. It applies really well, I couldn't really catch the full holo effect but it's beautiful. If you add Orly sashay my way on top of this it looks even more beautiful.

Milani gems: This polish is the perfect dupe for OPI rainbow connections and for Deborah Lippman B'day, I believe that is the name of it. I really love it because it has assorted glitter particles and when you apply on top of another polish it looks like a nail design! A must have! Available at cvs.

Milani hd: My China Glaze saxagon is almost gone =( so, I saw this one at cvs and decided to give it a try. I have to say it is very similar although the holo effect is more prominent on china glaze's one. I still love it and it's a cheap alternative to one of my fave nail polishes.

L.A. Girl Glitter Addict inspire: Well, the name says it all. I wouldn't normally purchase nail polishes at Charlotte Russe but while I was checking out I couldn't help but notice this color on the cashier's nails. They were also on sale buy one get one half off so, I got 3 colors. This one is simply beautiful and it looks even greater on top of this other one I purchased there as well. It looks exactly as one I saw by Essie but I can't remember the name of it.

L.A. Girl Glitter celebrate: Another glitter polish lol, but this one has more pinks and blues in it. It's really pretty than this swatch shows.
L.A. Girl Color Addict escape: Awesome color! It's very pearly and when used under the inspire one it's amazing!

California Colors unnamed: This one was purchased at Von Maur. It doesn't say any name, so, it is one of those cheap nail polishes, but it's beyond cool. This swatch does no justice to this polish. I will do a nail of the day post featuring this on a nail manicure so, you can judge for yourselves.

Sally Hansen pacific blue: Wow! This is what this one says when you paint your nails. It's kinda like an indigo blue. Flawless application. Makes your nails look like they are plastic! Awesome nail polish! I extremely recommend it.

China Glaze flip flop fantasy: This one I featured in my last nail of the day post. I remember when this one came out but I thought I didn't need it. I was wrong lol. It's a beautiful neon coral with a  hint on pink in it. I think it would go well with Mac Viva Glam NIcki lipstick. You can find this at Sally's or Ulta.

That was my little nail polish haul, I hope you enjoyed it and pick up your favorite ones! Don't forget to enter my giveaway for a chance to win a fabulous pair of shoes!

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  1. Nice polishes! I am wearing one similar to the L.A. Girl Glitter celebrate, but mine is a different brand :)

  2. Amazing nail polish haul! I love all the glitter polishes you've picked up :)

    Stop by and check out my blog giveaway! :)