Nails Of The Day: Reversed Polka Dots

by - 4:02 AM

My sister in law wanted me to do her nails, and lately I have been obsessed with polka dots, so, we decided to do some reversed ones. I really love how this turned out.

Hand Model: Alexa Moore

I used the bobby pin technique which I hadn't tried before but I ended up liking it. This technique allows you to create from small dots to big dots.

Products Used:
*Orly Royal Blue
*Orly Jealous Much?
*Nail Magic Basecoat
*Seche De Vite Topcoat

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  1. Aww your sister's nails are so adorable! I must try this technique out ASAP :)

    1. =) thanks, yes I wish my nails were in that shape! Yes the technique is very efficient you will like it!

  2. wow, nice blog ;)
    I like this pictures ! <3

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