Hello Kitty Collection For Justfab

by - 2:31 AM

OMG! The mother of cute collections has arrived to Justfab! Yes! It's Hello Kitty! Your favorite kitty ^___^

I don't think words can describe the beauty of this collection! Too bad it's coming out when I am so broke because I think I want every pair! Luckily I won a free pair which allowed me to order "Dauphine" which I will review at the end of the month when I show you my october/november shoe haul.

There is a pair for each personality! They have cute flats, warm boots and booties, and high sparkly heels for those of you who prefer them.

 If you are not member of Justfab, please use my personal invitation to sign up and receive a 20% discount on your first purchase and you help me get points for referring you. Pretty pretty please use my link ^_^

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