Tips On how To Pick The Right Shoes For An Outfit

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When it comes to fashion, shoes have to be one of my favorite things to talk about and it is the first thing I notice on someone's outfit as well. Shoes say so much about your outfit and that is why it's fundamental to take a little time finding the right one to make your outfit complete.

For instance, I was having a dilemma with this particular outfit. I got infinite choices in shoes but how do I know from all those shoes I own which one is the right one? Here are some questions I ask myself before deciding.

1. What’s the occasion? The occasion is basically what will set the mood for your outfit therefore; this will also help you narrow your choices down.

2. What’s the location? Location is very important because you don’t want to be wearing high heels that will hurt your feet if you are going to a place where you have to walk a lot, stand up most of the time, and imagine if you were wearing suede shoes on a rainy day? Pure disaster! You don’t want to ruin a pair of great shoes; this is why brainstorming always comes in handy. Is the shoe comfy? Is the shoe appropriate? These are some other questions you must ask yourself as far the location goes.

3. What’s the weather like? Yes, the weather is a big factor, now that the cold days are approaching you may want to reconsider about wearing sandals when it’s freezing outside. Some people are just used to the cold but for those of you who are intolerant to the cold like me; it’s always good to check the weather channel before heading out and making the decision on what shoes to wear.

4. Does this shoe complement my outfit? After narrowing down your options, knowing the location and all that, you must take a good look in the mirror in your outfit to be and determine if the shoes are working with your outfit. If you notice something is wrong then it’s most likely you don’t have the right ones, or perhaps the outfit has something that needs to be changed to work with your   shoes. Sometimes shoes can make the illusion of a small foot to look huge and you don’t want that, especially when your outfit is delicate. A great outfit is when you got nothing to take away and nothing else to add, keep that in mind.

5. Is this the right one? Shoes are like people, they all have their personality. Some are fun, some are boring, so, depending weather you are a more conservative person or an outgoing person shoes will reflect your taste. If your outfit is loud, go for a neutral shoe, if you outfit is muted, make a statement by adding a pop of color or a funky print!

Now going back to my outfit, I chose these 3 because I thought they worked well with my outfit then I narrowed it down to the military looking boots which I think look really good with the polka dot jeans (one of my fave jeans by the way) being that the outfit is black, the neon sweater becomes the focal point.

If I was going to school, I would have chosen the sneaker wedges just because I don’t like going to school in heels (I have my own set of rules when it comes to school.)

 I would wear the cap toe ones during night time because since it is so matchy-matchy to my outfit, it would attract too much attention because I got already a lot of neon on the sweater.

And voilà, this is the final outfit. I added a plum purse from Justfab just to add a little variety to the look which works well with the black and yellow.

I hope you enjoyed today’s post! Make sure to leave a comment with any questions or suggestions you may have! Have a great day!

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