November Beauty Haul

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Hey girls! Sorry It took me so long to upload this. I recently started a new quarter in college and I will be really busy for some months, so, please apologize for not posting so frequently. Anyways, here are some beauty items I picked up this month.

Sally Hansen Blue Me Away! I really love how beautiful this blue color is. Application is great.

Sally Hansen Bubblegum Pink: Beautiful pastel pink with pearly finish.
Sally Hansen Posh Plum: This one is my fave! It's a plum color with metallic finish.

L'oreal  Galactic: I love these! The application is great and the glitter is awesome! 
L'oreal Satellite: This is the perfect oxblood nail polish!
L'oreal Monet Monet: I really love this combination. The chartreuse side however comes as a nail art brush. 
Sinful Colors Pucker Up Baby:  I like to apply this over some of my pink lipsticks for extra shine, but it can also be worn by itself if you wish. 
Revlon High Heels: Love this! This is the perfect coral pink lipstick color! 

Wet N Wild Defining Marker: I got it in brown just to try it out and I ended it up liking it. I use it on my bottom lash or when I don't want a stark cat eyeline.

Elf Mineral Infused Mascara: I was in need of a new mascara since my MAC one ran out and I couldn't go to the mall that day, so, I picked this one up for 3$ at Target. I am really impressed with it!

Benefit Booing: This concealer is the bomb! I had a gift card that I hadn't used and the packaging and name caught my attention so, I got it. I don't really have dark circles but sometimes from lack of sleep I get slight bags and grayness under my eyes. I put this and poof! completely gone! Brightens my eyes in an instant!

Make Up Forever: If you haven't hear of this foundation then you are seriously missing out!  I am usually a MAC face but I wanted to try this again as I hadn't purchased it in a while. This is one of the most amazing foundations I have tried. You can build desirable coverage and your skin ends up looking perfect! If applied correctly this will make you look flawless! I got it in N153. 

One n Only Argan Oil Restorative Mask:  Say good bye to dry locks with this amazing product! When cold weather strikes my hair tends to become kind of dry on the ends and my scalps feels a bit itchy for some reason. So, I got this at Sally's. Not only did it make my hair go back to normal, but it made it silky smooth. This stuff is amazing! It restores your hair leaving it with shine and lots of bounce!

Nexxus Therappe Shampoo: I am a fan of Nexxus products and this one isn't the exception. As I mentioned before, my hair and scalp tend to get a bit dry during cold temperatures so, I have had to change my hair products for the time being. This shampoo does what it says! Usually shampoo makes your hair feel sort of stiff, this one doesn't. By the time you rinse it out your hair will feel clean and moistured.

I hope you enjoyed my monthly faves! Thank you for stopping by! ^_^ Stay in touch with me by liking the following social medias!

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