Floral Madness

by - 9:07 PM

Can't you tell this girl right here is super ready for spring? Tired of snow, tired of boots and coats! Don't get me wrong, I love certain aspects of winter weather, I love the funky sweaters, layering and all that but I dont't think that can replace those days where you can just go outside and feel the sun burn on your skin while wearing a nice flowy outfit! I also love when the trees slowly start to blossom and everywhere you look at it's an inspiration for fashion. I think the best inspiration comes from nature, weather we are speaking of fashion or art. 

Outfit Details:
Blazer: Express (My fave blazer)
Leggings/Tee/Necklace: Forever 21
Sunglasses: High End Bags By Lucia 
I bought these leggings last year and was precisely saving them for spring 2013. Sometimes I have that habit of buying stuff I see myself wearing in another station of the year. If you aren't daring enough to pull these off go for a monochrome pair of floral leggings as seen here in my post Royal Floral for a safer look.

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  1. I am also so tired of the winter, lately I have just been having Spring Fever I can't wait wait till it's finally here. That leggings is super cute, I love the way you paired it with accessories from colors on it...:)

  2. @facebook-1270194083:disqus I come from a tropical country, winter doesnt agree with me haha, but I am kinda used to it now, however I think its time for some warm breeze xD thanks, it was sunny yesterday and the weather was more forgiving to wear this look =)

  3. Gorgeous! I love everything! I'm ready for spring, too! Then again, it's always spring / summer where I'm at. LOL!


  4. LOVE this outfit Kat! Very chic!

  5. Love Your style, so fun!!

    Hermy from Leilahslipstick.blogspot.com

  6. Thank you @twitter-197650792:disqus =) youre too kind