Take Me Back To 80s

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Today was a beautiful day in Omaha, Nebraska despite the cloudy feel to it, the weather was more forgiving than usual. I hate cloudy days because they really depress me for some reason, so, I decided to inject some color! 
Outfit Details:
Crop Top: Charlotte Russe
Blouse: Forever 21
Jeans/Bag: Justfab Metropolitan
Shoes: Target
I took the opportunity to wear this amazing pair of jeans Justfab sent me to review which I already featured on my lookbook: 4 Ways To Rock Your Justfab Polka Dot Denim and because I LOVED them so much I asked for the blue pair.

I felt these ones were slightly smaller than the pink ones but I could still get my bootay in there =P I got a size 25 and I'm 5'3, 109 pounds ( I gained some weight since my last review for these, that's what chocolate does). These jeans are so comfy is unbelievable, and I am not saying this just to make JF look good but I am just being honest about it. I feel like I am wearing sweat pants! They are super soft and stretchy, I wish all my jeans felt like this, not to mention I am a polka dot freak xD

Don't be shy and give them a try, if you are unsure which color to get, I strongly recommend the blue because it's more wearable than pink, but if you aren't really into print and pattern, you are in luck because JF also carries solid colors as well as shorts which I think I will be trying next specially the white ones with the studs! 

I hope you enjoyed this little review and idea for your jeans! ^_^ Have a great week! 

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  1. I totally agree with you on how comfy this jeans are, I recently wore my pink one a couple of days ago to school. I had it on all day and I could not believe how comfortable and stretchy it is. I will post the outfit later today. Love the injection of yellow and blue on this outfit, Katy!

    Have a wonderful week...:)

  2. This combo is so pretty!! I love the pants!

  3. Super cute outfit, love the colors!!