Pink For Sunday

by - 9:39 PM

Last weekend and this one were full of family events. A wedding last Saturday (couldn't take pics that day sorry girls), last Sunday we attended a graduation party, and yesterday a fitness event to support my father-in-law. I have been so busy! I have so many looks to update you guys with.

Outfit Details:
Blazer/Top/Skirt/Flats: Charlotte Russe
This particular look was worn on Sunday to a graduation party. There was delicious food, mariachis, and the weather was particularly chilly but it warmed up as the day went by. 

I decided to go quite casual but I wanted to incorporate a chic element to my look. I went for a pink blazer, striped top, a skater skirt, and a pair of leopard flats to add contrast with the stripes.

All in all it was a wonderful weekend to bond with family and friends. I hope your was blessed as well.

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