Classic Combo

by - 6:12 PM

I have to say I am not a big fan of boots just because of the fact that my legs are extremely skinny. I am not joking, they are like 2 toothpicks. Nevertheless, I have found ways to wear boots that make my legs look much nicer.

Blazer + Shorts: Forever 21 | Booties + Bag: Justfab

I feel like tall boots aren't for me since I always tend to get this space around the calf area that I don't like which tends to get fixed when worn with jeans.

Don't be ashamed to show those legs, skinny or not skinny, as long as you feel happy with yourself that's all that matters. Please don't forget to sub! =)

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  1. Absolutely love this outfit. The color combo look so great...:)

  2. you look amazing Kat!!! I feel the same way about wearing boots though! Always feel like my legs are twigs sticking out of them! :) you styled them great though! :)

  3. So chic girl! Love these striped shorts on you! :)

  4. loving the color combo! nice!