H&M Online!!! Yes Please!

by - 12:49 AM

The other day while I was all cozy in bed, I received a text from my friend Raliat telling me H&M is now available online. I literally jumped from bed, got my laptop, and started browsing all their goodies!

I am quite excited about this because there are no H&M stores in Nebraska and I only own like 2 things from their store which I have bought through Ebay.

Above are my favorite things so far on the site. What do you like? Don't forget to sub if you like to read this page. Thanks for your support =)

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  1. I put my H&M order in almost immediately once I found out. I got 2 basic tees (one with polka dots, and one in mint) and a belt for $17!

  2. Hey Katy, im so happy too, that we have H&M online, by the way im blogging again, hope to see around, have a nice day.

    1. =) omg girl! We have missed you around =) glad you're back! Yes! I had been waiting such a long time for h&m.