Mint + Mustard

by - 4:39 AM

To cleanse the palate a bit, I wanted to give this color combo a whirl. I am so happy my friend Katie found me this little cutie from the Phillip Lim collection, it's like the only thing I wanted to be honest. I feel like even though there were nice things in the collection, I didn't want to wear the same thing everyone is wearing. Don't get me wrong, I just feel like in the blogger world these collections bring out a certain fever for a while and once I see that everyone is wearing them at that specific moment, I get turned off to buy them. 

Justfab Palmer 

Vest, Bag: Target | Skirt: Charlotte Russe | Shoes, Necklace: Justfab | Top: Forever 21

My tip about this is to get what you really love and that you are gonna wear, otherwise don't get it, these things always end up in the clearance section anyways.


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  1. that's exactly how i feel about items that debut. i have to wait til the hype dies down. just posted some pics of my bag too. my first time using it.