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1. I died and went to heaven when I saw this in person! A light pink coat is a statement for this season.
2. You know me and my bows! This is a Kate Spade dupe dress for a fraction of the price. 
3. This is almost the same dress as the one above, but I simply love this magenta color plus the cut is very feminine.
4. Since they had a buy one get one free, I chose this one as my free item.
5. I don't like fur, but I am loving fur vests for this season. There's one at Bebe I love but this one was more affordable.
 6. Been wanting to try this style of skirts for a while. I really like it!
7. Needed some basic pullovers for layering. Got one in black and one in white.
 8. Originally wanted the light pink one, but settled for this one since they didn't have it at the store. I simply love it!
 9. Been wanting this bag for a while and I am so glad I waited! Scored it for $14 bucks!
10. I am not into these sort of bags, but hey it was only $14! Love the color and size!
 11. Very unique, maybe go .5 up for added comfort if you have long toes or wide feet.
12. I have a Bow Fever for sure lol. I couldn't resist these awesome bow booties, They are so sexy.

I haven't done a fashion haul for a while now but today I wanted to share some of my latest finds for fall and the holidays. Before going to any store and go crazy and buy things on impulse ( Black Friday is subliminal... Seriously) , I usually just go online first and make a list of everything that I like. After that, if the stores happen to be close to me, I go and check the stuff out in person and that's what finally convinces me to make a purchase. Sometimes this may not be the case, and I just get things online because it's fast and efficient.

These past months I have found some great affordable statement pieces that I am very happy with. I like to invest in good clothing but when I find similar stuff for a more affordable price, I give it a try because you never know, sometimes the quality is very similar.

What are some great finds you scored this month? Leave a comment below with a great deal you have found!


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  1. Where did you get the bags, gorgeous!

    1. http://www.justfab.com/invite/katiuskatejadanunez/ here! =) the new of the navy one is Hepburn and the other one is Parisian. Only $14 bucks and if you use my link you get 20% off =)

  2. wherr did u get #4, please?

    1. If you click the number in the description under the picture,it will take you to the actual item =)

      It's from H&M