Casual In A Floppy Hat

by - 11:35 PM

He estado súper perdida estas semanas. Lamentablemente, estaba enferma con un virus que anda azotando todo el país y no es para nada divertido. Por suerte ya me siento mucho mejor y ando de vuelta aquí con un nuevo atuendo.  Hoy tuve un dia horrible de cabello (la humedad imaginense), y usualmente en esos días me gusta usar un sombrero o gorra, hoy me decidí poner este que pedí por Asos que estan de última. A este sombrero le dicen "Floppy" un gorro de los años sesenta que exubera un look ecléctico. Son geniales para ir a la playa, para looks casuales, o más sofisticados.  Además de eso, es una pieza que puedes transicionar de verano a invierno y una que va ser parte de muchos de mis looks debido a su versatilidad. 

I have been MIA these past weeks. I caught a horrible virus that's going around and it hasn't been fun. Luckily, I already feel much better and I'm back with a new look to share with all of you! Needless to say, I had a bad hair day today ( Please blame the humidity) which forced me to dig out a few of my hats. I decided it was time to put to use this awesome straw floppy hat I got from Asos. This is the hat of the moment! Great for the beach, casual looks, or to simply add that Je ne sais quoi to a sophisticated outfit. It's a great piece that can easily transition from summer to winter and you will be seeing it a lot on my posts.

Blusa/Top: Charlotte Russe | Jeans: Zara | Sandalias: Zara | Sombrero/Hat: Asos


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  1. Love the hat! How have you been doing? It's been a while since I heard from you.

    1. Well, I just recovered from a bad case of chikungunya =/ all my family got sick and I wasn't able to do much for a couple of weeks. I feel much better now =) How are you? Download Tango so we can talk more often! It's free =) I miss out from day to night posts!

  2. The outfit is amazing, the hat is cute!

  3. Hola Katy! I am loving this look, the beautiful painting in the background, y esa bandera tan bella de nuestro paiz. Your photos look great! Floppy hats are so classy and cool. They are definitely one of my favorite types of hats. : )

  4. Very chic and cute