My Fall Essentials 2014

by - 3:07 AM

Fall is just around the corner and if you're like me who shops ahead the season, here's a little list to my fave transitional pieces. 

  1. Cargo Jacket
  2. Distressed Jeans
  3. Tan booties
  4. Leopard clutch
  5. Leather Jacket
  6. White button down shirt
  7. Denim shirt
  8. Fur vest
  9. High knee boots (black and brown)
  10. Black midi skirt
  11. Leopard scarf
  12. Black pointy flats
  13. Wool floppy hat
  14. Statement necklace
  15. Burgundy pumps
  16. Red coat
  17. Mac Rebel lipstick
  18. Neutral tote
  19. Black tights
  20. Trench coat
  21. Skater dress
The thing about shopping for any season is if you just hit the mall, you may probably get overwhelmed and buy lots of useless things that will probably end up on Poshmark (we are all guilty of this). Don't get me wrong, it's great to indulge in the things we like but I learnt if you don't truly love something, do not buy it. I hope this little list was useful, don't forget to subscribe =)


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