Orange Punch

by - 3:17 AM

I've always been a pink lover maybe not as much as Elle Woods in Legally Blonde but you get the idea. After assessing my closet, I started to realize how much pink I own. This has forced me to try to add other colors just to step out of the monotony. Justfab sent me this beautiful romper which I picked thinking it was more of a peach color but it turned out to be more of a beautiful coral color that actually brings out my skin-tone really nicely. I wore it to a birthday party today which took place outside and it was 80 degrees. I'm so glad the fabric was airy and breathable, otherwise I would have fried like a sausage. Anyhow, I loved stepping out of my comfort zone with this color. 
What I'm wearing / Lo que llevo puesto

Romper: Justfab | Shoes: Aldo Stessy | Clutch: Charlotte Russe | Earrings: Irkania C


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