Rose Matter

by - 1:59 AM

Happy weekend! Just wanted to stop and share this super adorable look I wore to my birthday dinner. I'm not one to have parties and all of that, I prefer intimate times on my day specially these days where my health isn't at its best. I chose this circle halter dress in this beautiful rose color with a hint of peach which sort of reminds me of Jefree Star lipstick "Rose Matter" hence the name of this post.

What i'm wearing / Lo que llevo puesto

Dress: Express | Pom Pom Sandals: Zara | Bag: Express


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  1. As always, you look stunning! Looks like you had a lovely birthday! I am sorry to read your health hasn't been normal. I hope you are well soon and that you regain your health. Love the look from head to toe!!!!! :-) Genece

    1. Thank you so much Genece for the nice message. I hope I recover fully soon too! Thanks for stopping by!