Mauve & Gold

by - 2:59 AM

Happy belated Thankgiving! I want to take the time to thank everyone who has faithfully followed this humble space since I first started. I have enjoyed sharing my outfits, fashion tips and other nonsense with you and it's something that has become more than a hobby to me. I truly enjoy taking some time of my day and sharing captures with you. This is what I wore yesterday, it's not my usual Thankgiving outfit style but I thought it would make sense to break away from the type of outfits that I usually do for this particular day. This one is actually one of my favorite Holiday looks I have done so far. 

What I'm wearing / Lo que llevo puesto

Top/Skirt: Von Maur (In-Stores) | Shoes: Shoedazzle (Similar) | Bag: Louis Vuitton 


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  1. You RULE . . . . . I drool.

    ( I realize the comment may be unacceptable but I could not resist )

  2. Thank you =) I'll check it out!

  3. Loving all these sweet happy colours! You look so beautiful! :)

    And those sexy stiletto heels... perfection! :)

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