Leather, Velvet & Fishnets

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I try not to be a Fashion Victim. Each week, month, and season there's always a new thing, and all of us Fashion lovers wish to be able to try all that's out there. The problem with that is that jeopardizes our styles, our personalities. This is why trends need to be incorporated according to personal style and lifestyle. 

While there's absolutely nothing wrong with stepping out of our comfort zones, we need to be able to identify what is age appropriate and what's fit to the occasion. Which leads me to the topic of the fishnets trend. I remember in my teen days, fishnets were my thing. They made me feel somewhat sexy even though I used to get dirty looks from people from time to time. 

Now with the trend being incorporated into street styles not just among Fashion Bloggers but also youngsters, I started to feel like people are doing a misuse of this trend. When I get on my Instagram all I can see is a modern version of a Burlesque show... No pun intended, just be mindful of what outfit you're pairing with these pantyhoses. If you just want to add a tad bit of this trend to your wardrobe, I recommend ankle socks. They are subtle but edgy enough to make a statement.  

What I'm wearing / Lo que llevo puesto

Dress/Jacket/Booties: Zara | Bag: Aldo (Similar) | Fishnet Ankle Socks: Ebay (Similar)


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  1. Me encanta el outfit, te queda hermosoo.. y ess bolso es el final. Yo habia usado las medias de red antes, y ahora me tienen encantadas jajaj creo que demasiado.
    Un abrazo nena

  2. Me gusta mucho el outfit y esas fishnets se ven bellas..Yo he estado pensando en conseguir unas para un outfit q tengo en mente.