Olaplex Hair Perfector No. 3: Does it do what it claims?

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As a Dominican Woman, I feel the strong need to take such a good care of my hair. We Dominicans are definitely known for our ways of taking care of our locks, and truth be told we are slightly obsessed. If you don't believe it go to a Dominican hair salon so you can get a taste of what I'm talking about.

To give you a little context of my hair, I have curly/wavy hair which I blow dry and flat iron every week or every two weeks. I also apply semi-permanent hair color or deposit only color (Cellophane) with no ammonia just to enhance my hair. My current hair status involves a lot of frizz specially at the root which gets activated with humidity so it means when I get it done, heat is definitely my best friend as it tames the hair down. 

Anyways, I'm always on the hunt for hair products that enhance my hair or prevent catastrophes and I take my time and do lots of research before take a plunge on buying to avoid unnecessary stuff. So, I've been hearing a lot this amazing product called Olaplex Hair Perfector No.3 and decided to give it whirl. 

At the beginning I thought it was only for people who dyed their hair blonde and are prone to a lot of hair problems but as I kept researching, I found out this products is basically for anyone who colors their hair or is exposed to chemicals. Additionally, it prolongs hair color while helping improve hair texture, protect, strengthen and address damaged hair.

Even though my hair isn't damaged or anything like that I love an intense blue black hair or just a very rich jet black which tends to wear off quite fast for me. I have used this product for a month and I can say I have seen such an improvement I didn't believe possible. I had colored my hair back in August and is now November and there are no signs of brassiness which I tend to get sometimes as the color wears off. In addition to that, my hair feels softer and with more body and an amazing shine. 

Have you tried Olaplex yet? What are your thoughts? 

PS: This product will be part of Sephora's VIB Holiday Sale! 

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