The Return of the Wide Legged Jeans

by - 1:32 AM

I remember back in the day when I was a young girl, my mom used to dress me and my sister up in these ugly looking corduroy wide legged jeans. Aside from the color, I just really hated the way they looked on me... I DESPISED them. The trauma of wearing that style has always stayed with me to the point I rarely consider wearing them as an adult.

But... I gave in! Well, I actually didn't buy them, they were gifted to me. 

It's been a long while peeps... I know... Sometimes you just get caught up living that you forget about those little things that set your heart on fire.  

I hope I can update this page every now and then. I have really missed the habit of grabbing my laptop, writing and selecting photos of my favorite looks and sharing them with all of you. =)

I would like to thank everyone who still follows me on Instagram. As of recently I discovered Facebook took my page down perhaps due to inactivity, so I have created a new one where I will be sharing all the new posts and updates. 


Sunglasses: Old (Similar) | Hoops: Marale.Shop | Crop Top: Zara | Jeans: Gift (Similar) | Sandals: Giulia Domna | Bag: DKNY (Similar


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