The Hollywood Peel Experience

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Ever since I was a teenager my skin has undergone certain skin treatments to keep mild acne in check as well as some residual scars from chickenpox. I must admit the whole scarring part made me quite self conscious because I used to have the most flawless skin but thankfully that was a phase I have already outgrown. Nevertheless, I enjoy taking care of my skin as I can still be prone to breakout specially now with this new rules of wearing facial masks in public due to COVID. 

I have tried a wide array of skin care products and treatments but ever since I heard about the Hollywood Laser Peel I knew it was something I wanted to try, specially when I saw such great results on acne-prone skin.

As of right now, my skin has shown amazing improvement and all thanks to wearing sunblock, getting weekly exfoliation and using skin products that work as well as choosing the right make-up products. So, getting this laser was something I considered to improve skin texture, tone and keep my skin fresh.

This treatment is ideal also for people looking to:
  • Smooth fine lines
  • Correct hyperpigmentation
  • Reduce the look of pores
  • Add luminosity to the skin
The Hollywood Laser Peel is a kinder, gentler version of many other laser treatments. It’s safe for all skin types, can be performed any time of the year, and doesn’t have the long downtime some laser procedures require. Speak to your dermatologist or aesthetician for the amount of treatments you'll need to achieve optimal results.

I had mine done a few weeks ago, and right the same day I noticed an immediate radiance on the skin. The next day, I expected some redness or some sort of reaction to the skin as you could normally expect from getting laser but to my surprise this wasn't the case. 

The texture of my skin has become smoother and I have not experienced any sort of breakout which is incredible. My makeup applies much smoother and it just looks airbrushed. 

I'm very pleased with my first experience, my aesthetician recommended 2 more sessions as my skin isn't as problematic anymore to achieve even better results. Depending on your skin concerns the amount of treatments may vary so keep that in mind. 

I will update with a Part 2 to this post to update you about my next two treatments but so far so good.
Investing on yourself is the best investment and this is without a doubt something you want to try. =)


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