Coach Strawberry Collection Haul

by - 9:26 PM

Happy Monday everyone! It's been a while since I share an accessory haul. I must admit Coach isn't a brand I usually gravitate towards to but it seems like lately they're really stepping up with their product designs and I'm really digging it.

I think the last time I got something from Coach was around 2012 but as soon as I stumbled across this super adorable strawberry collection I knew I needed to have a few pieces.

I got the silk scarf and the small Nolita 19 in silver/black multi, I really debated between the cream version of it but the black seemed like an options that matches more outfits. This bag is very reminiscent of a bag by Louis Vuitton and even though is a bit small, it's the perfect size to carry all your essentials. Really obsessed with this how it looks.

I also got the Molly Bucket bag in black with like a reddish interior. This bag isn't limited edition and not part of the strawberry collection so you can find these in any season in a variety of colors.

You can find these products at Coach Outlet, some items may be sold-out online as this collection came out last month but you can find everything in store most likely.


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