Red Dress & Loafers

by - 10:35 PM

haven't always been a fan of loafer shoes but they started growing on me recently for more casual looks to add a chic but put together element to my outfit. I scored these on DSW with a discount that had been sitting on there for the longest time.
I'm not really into buying many shoes as I used to before because I realized that with passing years new trends emerge and many trends tend to die, so I just buy things I need or things that are going to be wearable and long lasting. 

I remember when I use to be in primary school, my mom used to buy me some hideous loafer shoes that I simply hated LOL. I'm into more feminine looking footwear but if you think about it, loafers are that type of footwear you can wear to work, school or just basically everywhere and it will give you an effortless look.


Dress: Zara (Similar) | Loafers: Crown Vintage Sage Penny Loafer | Bag: Guess | Scarf: Coach (In-Stores)


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