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 I received Law a few days ago and I had been wanting to do a review but due to a migraine and being busy trying to get votes for the Sole Society contest, I wasn't able to finish the review, nevertheless, today I sat down and took my time to do it.

Law had been previously released in a certain amount of colors and this month JF released many more colors among which the pink is the hottest color. After I saw this pic of Posh wearing it, I had been wanting a bag in that color and style! It's so fab! and for the price on JF this bag is a steal.

                                           SD Irving                                                                             JF Law
 The bag measurements are 17L x 12H x 5.5W, it's a big bag for me (5'3) but I love it so much, I have decided to keep it. I took my time to compare the bag to the infamous Shoedazzle Irving which I had purchased some months ago. As you can see, Law is a bit taller while Irving is wider and smaller. I personally like the size better on Irving, as I mentioned I'm only 5'3 and big bags are not really my favorite but I want a little bit of diversity in my closet.

Law, JF Aurora, SD Stephanie
 I also did a color comparison with certain shoes you might be familiar with. As you can see, the bag has a subtle pink color, it's not hot pink and it's not fuchsia, I would say a bit magenta. The color is absolutely stunning!  I think it goes well with Stephanie from Shoedazzle but I wouldn't say the colors are the exact same, but pretty close.

Comes with an additional strap
This is what the bottom looks like
The inside is really cool, it has some sort of pattern and it comes with a few pockets

Overall the quality is much higher for the price paid. If you are hesitant on getting it, get it! This one is a must have if you love this color and style! If you are not member of Justfab, please use my invitation link, you will receive 20% off on your first purchase, and you will help me get referral points, so it's a win-win philosophy =)

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  1. love it! did it arrive via ups? or usps? lol can you post more pics like with you in it! I'm debating whether or not i should get this bag..

  2. I think UPS, i dont think it took long to get here. Ok Tomorrow ill take a pic me holding it =) i really like it, i prefer little bags but a girl has to have at least a large sized one.

  3. OMG I have been debating on buying this bag in black all day and now i know for sure that I need to get it! It's just so perfect :)

    1. I was debating as well but as soon as I saw in pink that was it! I need to do a few looks styling this bag because it's just do pretty :) very good quality for the price.

  4. I agree this bag is TO DIE FOR!! I bought the pink one first and loved it so much I had to get two more, black and blue!! I want the green and the mustard next, whenever they come back in stock :)

  5. i wanted this color, blue, and mustard so bad but they sold out before i could get it. i have black instead.