Viva Glam Nicki Dupe

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Some days ago, I took a trip to Kmart and I was looking for a nail polish as I told you guys in my last video, while being there, I came across some lipstick colors I wanted to try and due to the fact they were so cheap I picked up 2 of them along a few other things. I totally forgot to include them in the video I had made, so while I was trying it on i couldn't help but notice the amazing resemblance one of the lipsticks had with the beautiful color by MAC Viva Glam Nicki!

My first impression was like hmmm this looks like that one lippie I got some months ago! Picking it up was purely coincidental cause it reminded me more of Watch Me Simmer by MAC which I missed out, but when I tried it on, it turn out to be the perfect dupe for VGN.

After having tried both, I could notice the VGN one is a bit glossier which makes it more streaky, the Wet N Wild Pinkerbell is more creamy and color is more intense. I don't know yet which one is my favorite but both of them do the job, if you don't feel like spending $15.00, you should definitely consider Pinkerbell.

Viva Glam Nicki

Wet N Wild Pinkerbell
I thought I would share this amazing find, it only costed me 1.50 because i had the Kmart card, so you might find this at Walmart or other drugstores for $ 2.00 or so I believe.Thanks for stopping by and make sure to LIKE me on Facebook for sneak peaks of newer posts!

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