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All of us were so excited for Georgette in Yellow but turns out, there was an issue with the quality and Shoedazzle cancelled all orders the very same day of the release. This little inconvenience saddened me because I was very excited for a light yellow pump due to the fact those are hard to find. Due to the fact that I had a credit,  I went ahead and got the red to see if they could occupy the space the yellow were going to fill in.

Yesterday, I received Georgette in red, and even though I'm not attracted to cork heels, this one caught my eye. I don't think the red will replace the space I was making for the yellow one but I still like these and I think I will keep them. The shoe itself is quite comfortable, and fits my extra narrow foot perfectly. I was surprised they didn't run a bit big like most pumps I get on Shoedazzle. Georgette is true to size and if you got normal-wide foot, I suggest getting half size bigger. Shoe is a bit high, but the platform balances the heel.

I really love the sole stopper at the bottom, I enjoy details like these on a shoe that I didn't spend a whole lot of money in. The craftsmanship is excellent considering the price. Since I'm a perfectionist when it comes to heels, I would have loved them even more if they were patent or suede, don't know why but canvas material takes away a little bit of its beauty, but that's just how I think.

 Shoedazzle was sweet enough to send me a little gift too with my purchase, =) even though I don't have split ends, It won't hurt to apply it on my hair and try it out, and because the originally cancelled my yellow Georgettes, they also gave me 20% my next order (Katy does the dance!)

Overall, I'm happy with my new shoe and can't wait to see my new boutique next month! If you are not a member of shoedazzle yet, here's my invitation link , you receive 20% off on your first purchase + free shipping, and at same time you help me get points for referral =) so it's a win-win philosophy.

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  1. These are such darling shoes. Love the cork heel

  2. Yes they are =) my first cork heels =) glad i got them