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I got Acacia last week but since I didn't want to do a post overload, I saved them for today =) Let's get started on this review shall we? =D

As soon as I opened the box, I was amazed by the beautiful color these possess, and I love how delicate the blush and the golden-rose blend together. I also like the texture placed around the toe area, I thought this shoe was very unique, that's why it caught my eye, and not to mention the fact that I love mary jane straps.

Then I tried it on, I couldn't help but notice that when I put the shoe on my right foot, the toe box felt tighter, the other one felt fine, it might be cause of the fact my right foot is slightly larger, but the length felt right so it might be something I could fix with the ice trick.

The shoe is very comfortable and the strap feels just right, if it was tighter it would hurt. The heel height is decent, not too tall not too low, easy to walk with, however, for those with wider feet, I recommend half size up, for those with narrow feet, stay with true to size unless you got large toes.

Overall, the shoe is fantastic and It would be the perfect nude heel for those ladies with fair skin, but as you can see it's also flattering on olive skin. It also comes in Powder Black, and Tan Black.

If you are member of Sole Society, please use my invitation link here, when I invite 3 friends I get a free pair =) Thanks for the visit and don't forget to subscribe to my Youtube vids and to LIKE my page on Facebook. Have a good night!

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  1. I never noticed how pretty these are. They look gorgeous in your pics. I want!!

    Shoes and Jules

    1. they are magnificent! =) wearing them soon I just like to keep them virgin for a while hahaha =) read about the sizing recommendations cause the toebox seems a bit tight in one of my feet but something you can fix with the icetrick.