Soft Pink

by - 2:19 AM

Hey divas! sorry for being absent these days, I have been busy with finals at school along other personal things in my life, but I just wanted you to know I haven't forgotten about you . Anyways, I wanted to update my blog by posting an outfit I wore the other day. The pics are not "blog quality" because they were taken during the night while going out with my husband but since I loved the outfit so much I thought I should share =)

1- Pink Dress: Charlotte Russe
2- Cream Shoes: Love Culture
3- Quilted Purse: Forever 21
4- Spiked Bracelet: Charlotte Russe
5- Bow Ring: Forever 21
6- Cream Belt: Forever 21

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  1. Omg i needed an idea for wat to wear to a party bus this weekend. This is perfect, Thanks

    P.S. : love ur hair :)

    1. aww I am glad you found this useful =) and thanks on the compliment =) Have fun on the party! =D