Ironfist For Justfab

by - 3:44 AM

The mother of all collections has officially arrived to! And omg, it is awesome! Sadly it arrived in a bad time for me because I will only be able to afford a pair or two for now =(  Anyways, there is a lot of variety which I'm loving and I gotta say they outdid themselves with this collection!

If you are not member of Justfab, please use my invitation link, you will receive 20% off on your first purchase, and you will help me get referral points, so it's a win-win philosophy =) or leave your email address here in a comment and I will send you my personal invite to your inbox.

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  1. Katy - I too am in LOVE with IRON FIST! I think American Nightmare in green is my fave... What's yours?

    And for all you newbies out there, check out this page for a good primer I found on how this neat shoe club works.

    1. Hey hun! hmmm I got so many favorites, I would say I LOVE shotgun, Im sad I missed on the sandals since I didnt have the money but I could get Shotgun heels in white and pink, I also like Key to my sole!

      Oh great! thanks for sharing that!