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So, today My husband and I went to our favorite sushi restaurant. We usually go there every friday; for some reason Fridays have officially become our "sushi day" hehe. Anyways, since today it was raining which sucks because I have to take pictures inside, this was the outfit I wanted to wear =) Hope you guys enjoy the pictures, and please apologize me for the quality, lighting kinda sucks inside my house.

The blazer looks like neon here but it is in fact more of a lighter yellow

1- Charlotte Russe Yellow Blazer
2- Asos White Quilted Purse
3- Guess Verna
4- Urbanog Mint Jeans

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  1. This is my Favorite look you have posted! It's so pretty, fresh and perfect :D

  2. How is the fit on those jeans? I want to order from urbanog but I don't know if I should size up or not.

    1. Hey Jen! The fit for me is right, i feel like this particular one is for someone taller as I am a bit short; as you can see in the picture its not that bad, this one is size 3 and thats what I usually get in other jeans from other websites, I would say order your regular size because if you order one size smaller it might be too tight, if you go up it will be too long and loose. They also have the right amount of stretch =) very comfy.

    2. Thank you! Unfortunately, they no longer have size 3 which is my size also. I was debating if I should get size 5 and wash them in hot water but I'm not sure if that will work. Thanks again for your help!

  3. Im so in love with all u outfits!! Do you have a youtube account!?