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DV By Dolce Vita Archer Sandal, $70

Summer is approaching and you don't wanna be caught red handed without owning a pair of comfy yet trendy sandals! So, lately I have been seeing a lot of celebrities sporting the Dolce Vita Archer sandal which I find simple but at the same time very versatile, you can even wear these at night! The only thing I don't like is the price-tag hehe. It isn't that I'm cheap but I am poor and I don't think they are worth 70$ if you know what I mean =) that is why I decided to share two cheaper alternatives that I thought you might like.

Bakers Rossi, $29.99

So, I came across this pair by Bakers called Rossi and they are almost identical I would say.They come in almost every color of the rainbow which is cool =) I am liking the pink a lot!

Bamboo Lottie, $20.90

Oddly, as I was browsing urbanog I also came across this pair called Bamboo Lottie which is another cheap alternative but the color range is very limited.

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