My picks of the month From Justfab

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Hello ladies! So, last night I got to view my boutique over at Justfab and I just can't say enough things about how amazed I am about the great shoes and purses they have released this month. Without any further ado, these are some of the styles I am really loving!

Wow! this shoe is just wow. This one is Payson's twin but what I really like about this one it's the patent material and the color is more of a true nude for olive skin-tones which I have. I also appreciate the neon pink area, simply fab!

After Glow In Cream
I had been looking for this clutch for about a year since I saw it in another page and I am so happy JF brought it to us, this one is a must have, very Mcqueen looking. It comes in black as well.

This one is very intriguing to me, reminds me a bit of Olympia shoes. I really love the color, texture and gold details. This is a very elegant shoe.

Really pretty shoe! I don't know if I like the blush version better or the black version, either color looks amazing and I love the thicker heel and design.

I love the colors on this little thing, it goes with so much!

Not member of Justfab yet? Well, I strongly advise you to join today! You get 20% off your first order plus they are having other specials going on at the moment for a very limited time! Everything is $39.95! Please if you use my referral link, leave me a comment below with your full name, so I can get referral points for inviting you, so it's a win-win philosophy =) 

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  1. wow! shoe on the first photo looks AMAZING!

    1. yes it is! i wanna get those as soon as i get some $ =) I will post pics after i get it.

  2. I love Yadira!

  3. The forst two items are my favorite too!