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I have been so busy with summer classes that I hadn't had time to do proper pictures of my latest looks. Anyways, today I had some spare time and this is what I decided to wear.

I really love this skirt I found on Forever 21 a few months back and I hadn't had a chance to wear it. I am not a fan of long skirts, but I love the high low-cut design on this one. I decided to pair it with a corset top and my fave heels of the moment. All in all, I love the colors in this outfit and its something you can wear day or even during the night ^___^

Top/Skirt: Forever 21
Accessories: Forever 21
Purse/Shoes: Justfab

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  1. Hi Katy, i just found your blog, i like your style so much, what about to follow each other? Let me know.

  2. Hey Anyelina =) thanks for your sweet comment and of course i will follow this is what blogging is all about; networking and making friends =)

  3. Katy, thanks, Im now following you and you are all right.

  4. This is an absolutely stunning outfit! You look lovely!