Beauty Haul: MAC, Loreal, And More!

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Yes boys, and girls! It's that time of the month where I get to show you my faves, however, due to excessive homework, I will be just posting  my newest acquisitions in make-up and beauty products for now. It's not a HUGE haul but these items are mighty!

Let's get started with the make-up. First up are these lipsticks from the Mac Marilyn Monroe collection released this month and I knew I needed at least 3 of them. Sadly, I could only get two because I live in the middle of nowhere Nebraska and we only have this little Mac store with limited supplies. =( Anyways, I ended up getting Love Goddess and Charmed I'm Sure that day.

I really love these two red colors. Love Goddess is more of a pink red and Charmed I'm Sure is a deeper red, very similar to Russian red but I think this one is lighter. They also gave me this cute little Mac Box and it came with a little booklet on how to create some looks ^_^

I never go too dark on the lips but because I am loving the plum shade, I decided to finally get the Mac Rebel lipstick. I am so glad I did. This shade is AWESOME. I don't know what it is about it that brightens up your whole face. The color is so dramatic, it gives emphasis to your lips. I really recommend this if you want to mix it up a little and have a hip look for fall. It looks great with gold and silver eye-shadow ^_^

It looks really dark but when applied to the lips looks much different than you think.

With Flash 

Without Flash
During the weekend I was by the mall because I need some foundation and I noticed they had the new Glamour Daze collection up and decided to take a peak. It's a very beautiful holiday collection with amazing packaging. Lots of metallics and pearly finishes. I was limited to get certain stuff but there was so much I wanted! I ended up getting Feminine Edge; one of the fluidlines because I don't have anything like that and I loved the beautiful sparkles on it. It's kinda like a mauve pink with a deeper shade of pink glitter which creates this awesome dimension. I can't quite capture in an arm swatch the beauty of this, I think I should have taken the swatch on daylight because it's simply stunning.  I also loved the other two silver ones they had but I will back for those another time if still available.

That same night I also got the Rapidblack Penultimate Eye Liner because I had been curious about it for the longest time and I finally gave in! I simply love it, creates smooth lines with no streak. It doesn't look inky, I think this is my new fave pen eyeliner and I can use it on the bottom lashes with ease! I have to recognize that the Milani one I got is way darker and glossier which I like but I love how the Penultimate eye liner is more muted for everyday looks.

I love glitter and metallics! I am so happy that my mother-in-law gifted me this amazing pressed pigment in Spot Lit color from Mac. OMG this is the coolest bronzed glitter eye-shadow pigment I own. I have a few L'oreal metallic eye-shadows I shared with you in my last beauty haul but these ones from Mac are really really sparkly. They look amazing for night looks although they have this pale one you can apply for the inner corner of your eyes and brow bone to highlight  Definitely check these out!  

I was in a real bad need of a primer for months now hehe, I just like the idea of doing my make-up in a way that lasts hours and hours with no retouching or anything like that, so, I got this L'oreal Perfecting Base primer at Walmart and let me tell you this stuff is amazing. After applying my moisturizer, I then apply this, then I proceed to do my make-up and woah! it makes my make-up glide so well on my face and makes it really blendable too! ^_^ I don't know about filling pores and stuff like that because I am too young still but I do have some chicken pox scars here and there and when I put this on, it smoothes them out! So, yes this is definetely a great product I recommend plus makes my make-up last longer! (Katy does the dance!)

Lastly, when it comes to my face I am a very sensitive person. I have struggled with skin issues since I was 16 due to a bad infection caused by chicken pox. After this happen I try to get products that aren't harsh on the skin. I was in need of a facial soap and decided to give this soap called Purpose Gentle Cleansing Wash a try. I am happy I did, this soap is the bomb! Literally! It even removes make-up! It has also been featured on Allure, and now I know why. It leaves my skin feeling clean and smooth. I recommend this to anyone with sensitive skin.

This is all folks, I hope you enjoyed this little haul. Visit my Facebook Page for sneak peaks of future posts and to stay in touch with me if you don't have a blog account. 

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  1. I'm so jealous of all your MAC goodies! Those lipsticks look amazing :) Great haul!

    1. Thanks dear, I am really happy with these products because not only are they great quality but long lasting as well, I hadnt purchased lipsticks in quite sometime.

  2. Yes, that primer is awesome! I only wear it on special occasions because, sadly it makes me break out :( I'd love to see that fluidline on. I can't imagine what it'd look like but the color is gorgeous! I really like your blog & outfits. So original and different than other fashion blogs :)

    1. Aww thanks for the lovely comment. Sorry about the breakouts! So far it's been working good for me. As far as the liner goes, you can use it top of black eyeliner for a glittery cat eyeline effect . I think it could work great as eyeshadow base also :)