Pink Awareness

by - 10:07 PM

Today's outfit is dedicated to breast cancer awareness month. I deeply support and send my prayers to all those individuals who are battling this terrible sickness that has caused so many loses throughout the world.

Outfit Details:
Pink Blazer: Love Culture
Sheer Blouse: Forever 21
Pleated Faux Leather Skirt: Forever 21
Sequin heels: Justfab Adoria
Clutch: Forever 21
Jewelry: Forever 21

My outfit is a bit revealing but I like it, it has a mix of cute and sexy which are things that describe my personality. I am not afraid of showing skin but I do it with moderation. If you want to try this outfit out in a more conservative way, add a pair of black leggings and opt out of the transparent top.

 I added a white and black clutch to add contrast to the outfit and I like how my tights also have these little bow details ^_^ ( yeah I know, obsessed much? and the answer is yes!)

Have a great rest of the weekend and stay tuned for my monthly favorites. -___^

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  1. Love this outfit with this touch of pink!

  2. I love the tights! Where are they from?

    1. =) yeah they are awesome! thanks for reminding to add that to the outfit details. They are from

  3. hi ! It's me again lol! I tagged you on my blog so i hope you'll do this tag ! keep up the good work

    1. Thanks Christelle for the tag! I believe I have done that tag recently but when I have a moment I can do it again =)

  4. Thanks! I ordered them, but the foot part is too baggy for my feet, lol. Well they wilk look cute with boots!

  5. aww maybe you can get them fixed. @d7f1994fbd693cc1cb00ee87d9f14e00:disqus