Wine On Heather Grey

by - 1:43 AM

It has been forever since I post an outfit! My apologies girls, I have been so busy with college and in life in general. But I am back fully reloaded with more outfits and some changes I will be making to my blog in next following months just to exploit it to the fullest.

Outfit Details:
Wine Varsity Jacket: Forever 21
Tank Top: Charlotte Russe
Polka Dot Jeans: Forever 21
Boots: Forever 21

Anyways, today I wanted to do something more casual. My original idea was to post this cancer awareness outfit but the weather was way too cold for what I had in mind and I also changed my evening plans. However, tomorrow I will be taking pictures of some outfits I have worn that I hadn't been able to post. I really like how simple and comfy this outfit is. I really like varsity jackets but I never find one that fits me perfectly, they always sell out in my size but I was lucky enough to find this one online which made me really happy. I wore this to a casual dinner and to a haunted house this evening. You can also wear this for school and basically everyday ^_^

I hope you are enjoying your weekend! Have fun!

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